Special maintenance setting of ship interior materials

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Special Touch Up and Refit

ARTUS provides more than the usual touch up and refit. We can guarantee high quality and exceptional maintenance setting for several surfaces of ship interiors since 2005.

We can guarantee maximum services through our highly educated team of permanently employed specialists. Our custom made technology and materials are developed in house and can outperform most of the available standard-materials.

Hence we can repair every damaged surface consisting of numerous different materials. Despite color, finish and filling-material, almost every shade of color can be replicated and used to recreate a perfect surface. As a result all kinds of damages are perfectly repaired and invisible to the eye. Furthermore we are happy to be your consulting partner for the recreation and creation of premium surfaces and materials.

You may hire us also for repair-jobs for all non-nautic duties.

  • More than 70 permanently employed specialists
  • Experience and product innovation since 2005

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We are experts in removal of any damages to material and surfaces of ship interior.

Due to our confidentially agreements with our customers, we do not show or display any information or photographic material of our customers objects.


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